RIP Adam West

“Of what use is a dream if not a blueprint for courageous action?”
©2017 | @dontheideaguy

Want this Big Yellow Sticky quote as a wallpaper for your phone?

BYS posts look great as a lock-screen wallpapers and help you focus on concepts, goals, and habits you want to keep top of mind.

According to a recent survey, Americans touch their phones almost 3,000 times per day! What if each time you looked at your phone, you were reminded as to what was most important for you to focus on that day, or week, or month?

As a tribute to the impact Adam West and his iconic role as Bruce Wayne/Batman had on me during my youth, I am making this Big Yellow Sticky available as a free mobile wallpaper via my Patreon page.  

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Thank you!

Click here to download the free Adam West tribute mobile wallpaper.