Sticky Podcast

In 2019 I decided to launch a new daily podcast to complement the daily sticky notes.

Many people have been curious about the story behind certain sticky notes I’ve posted. They wonder if I’m referencing any particular person or company or situation. Sometimes they wonder what prompted me to write about a subject because it aligns so precisely with a situation they are struggling with themselves.

There is only so much content I can fit on to one of those 3×3 sticky notes, so I decided to begin a podcast series that gives some additional insight into the content I am creating and posting on this site. This of it as an extra content track like they feature on DVDs.

I recorded 365 consecutive podcast episodes in 2019, but decided to discontinue the daily episodes in favor of investing the time spent writing and recording those episodes into some other projects I have in development.

For the time being, you can hear all 365 episodes in the embedded playlist below, but no new episodes are planned in the near future. This was a great experiment and proof positive that anyone can create a podcast if they really want to. I hope you’ll give the recordings a listen and enjoy the show!

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