Yellow Sticky Guides

125x125_yellow-sticky-guideYellow Sticky Guides are a collection of books, infographics, worksheets, workbooks, PDF downloads, audio files, videos, and online courses that show you how to use sticky notes, concepts, processes, and philosophies to make your life better by reaching your goals, becoming more organized, taking positive action, thinking bigger thoughts, and being just generally more awesome in every way!

Some Yellow Sticky Guides are free, some cost a few dollars, and a few may require an investment of time as well as money — but all of the guides are dedicated to making these new concepts and ideas stick in your brain and in your daily life.

Review details for each Yellow Sticky Guide below, and click the big yellow button to see the latest promotional pricing (and buy your copy!) Please let me know if you have any questions!

Yellow Sticky Guide to Gift Giving

yellow sticky guide to gift givingNew twists on gift-giving lists!

Don The Idea Guy shares his creative way of organizing gift giving for the holidays (and every day!) with this uniquely hand-drawn and illustrated 26-page downloadable PDF guide that will help you keep track of the perfect gifts for friends and family throughout the year.

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Yellow Sticky Guide to DONE.

yellow sticky guide to DONEA real-world way of moving from “To-Do” to “DONE”.

Don The Idea Guy’s 42-page handwritten and drawn “Yellow Sticky Guide to DONE” PDF download gives readers access to The Idea Guy’s personal method of tracking and completing projects, tasks, and turning ideas into reality — and all you need in order to start is a marker and a pack of yellow sticky notes!

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More Yellow Sticky Guides coming soon!



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