Feed Your Fever

Feed Your Fever

Will your dreams grow cold or will you turn up the heat on your efforts to make them come true?

You started with a great big dream to do something that got your blood pumping and temperature running hot, but somewhere along the way an imaginary internal thermostat went off because you didn’t achieve this dream and you stopped getting so worked up about it.

Your hot pursuit of this goal began to grow tepid. Instead of having the hots, you got luke warm. You didn’t get excited talking about your dreams anymore, you told yourself the idea wasn’t realistic and that you really didn’t think the idea was so hot anyway.

Finally, you got downright cold-hearted about the subject. Anytime the topic came up you felt the pain of frostbite and (cold) snapped at anyone who mentioned your former flame of passion in your presence.

Instead of letting your fire die out, why not rekindle the flame and get fired-up about making your dream a reality?

You need to feed your fire. Add fuel to make it burn brighter. Don’t let the embers grow cold, stir them up and redouble your efforts to take action and set the world on fire.

©2016 | @dontheideaguy