Buy Me A Coffee?

Please support BYS! year (2018) marks the beginning of my FOURTH year of creating daily Big Yellow Sticky posts by hand using only my trusty collection of Sharpie markers and more than a few packs of 3-inch square Post-It® Notes — no Photoshopping or handwriting fonts involved, thankyouverymuch!

BYS started as an experiment to prove that no matter how busy a person says they are, there is some sort of daily content which can be produced and posted to bring value to your audience.

The first year proved my theory, the second year was to see if I could maintain the pace, and the third year was a result of all the great feedback I’d received over the previous years from friends and followers about the stickies. Everyone had a favorite (or two!) and shared them with friends. Everyone I spoke to said “there ought to be a book of these” and some folks asked about having them organized into sets based on theme or topic.

During 2017 I pursued a few larger brands (I’m talking about you, 3M, Sharpie, and Staples!)  about forming strategic partnerships or sponsoring the content, but I struck out or never heard back.

Much to my chagrin, no publishing houses have been knocking down my door to sign me to a lucrative book deal or license my stickies for motivational calendars or framed wall art.

And that’s why this year I am asking YOU the friends and followers who said they loved the daily BYS posts to help keep me motivated and support the production of the content you said you wanted.

There are hard costs involved in producing the daily Big Yellow Sticky posts. Sharpies and Post-its aren’t ridiculously expensive, but you’d be surprised how much the Brush tip Sharpie are vs. the standard fine tip.

It is also rare to get a sticky note ‘perfect’ on the first try. On average it takes me three attempts to get a usable version. It can take me 5 or 10 attempts on a bad day! Which means I go through more markers and stickies than you think.

Then we add in domain registration fees and website hosting and the email list services, as well as a paid content management tool or publishing app two and you can see how becomes important to earn at least a little side hustle revenue off BYS while I pursue those bigger publishing and sponsorship opportunities.

What do you say?

Are you willing to show your support for Big Yellow Sticky by treating me to a couple cups of coffee?

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